Unable to configure Unified Alerting - Error duplicate org_id


Since last week, I am unable to update any Unified Alerting configuration. I can’t save notifications policies, contact point or Admin JSON configuration. I can only add rules.

When I want to save the config: Error: failed to save and apply Alertmanager configuration: Error 1062: Duplicate entry ‘1’ for key ‘UQE_alert_configuration_org_id’

I have only 1 org, so it’s a very strange behaviour…

I am using Grafana Cloud v9.3.6

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @damiensflorent - if you have not already done so, please open a support ticket from your account portal so we can take a closer look at the alerting config for your environment!

An issue has been opened and it is a grafana error, a PR has been merged and will be available in the next release 9.4.0

Hi, we are on Grafana Cloud 9.4.0 and hitting UQE_alert_configuration_org_id as well still.

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Same Problem, with Grafana Cloud v9.3.6
but then the update to 9.4 won’t be worth it until the bug is fixed.

Having the same problem while trying to update/save contact points. Out of the blue stopped working. Currently on v9.2.8. Any update on a bug fix?

After this post we have received an Cloud Update…

same issue on 9.4.7 OSS version.

I truncate this table alert_configuration then get go pass.
should be caused by last time we did turn on&off unified alert then it would insert a record into this table. this time(migration) it tres to do same work so it gets duplicated error

Hi I have that same problem too. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I cannot add contact anymore.