Unable to add Plugin

I am not able to add top process plugin in grafana. I am using Graphite as datasource

What plugin is this? Any error ?

There isn’t any error… I downloaded the plugin which has the datasource influxDB
But can you suggest a plugin which show Top process? Like https://grafana.com/dashboards/3387 this one! I’m using Graphite as datasource.

@torkel Could you please check into it?

I’m using the Top Process plugin without a problem but you’ve said you’re using Graphite as the data source. Each plugin normally has a data source associated to it (in this case it’s InfluxDB), which means that the metric commands relate to the type of data source that’s defined in the plugin.

In your case, if you want to use the plugin you’ll either have to redefine the metrics for Graphite (not easy) or simply add Influxdb as another data source to your system.