Trying to add eport to CSV to Logs panel


We are trying to add an “Export to CSV” like functionality to Logs Panel. We thought it was going to be something simple nearly a copy/paste. But when we started looking into the code we have found that there are two table panel plugins, created in a different way, one has the export to csv funtionality but the other not.
The thing is that the log panel is developed like the table panel that doesn’t has the funcionality and we are not able to find a way to add it.

Can you give us any clue? This is our very first attempt to make a change on a Panel and our first contact with nodejs.

How can we add a new event to the Log panel so it appears on the more section?

Kind regards

Grafana is in the process of moving from AngularJS to React - which is why there are two table panels. The new React panel will be released in Grafana 7.0. In 7.0, we will be adding a export to CSV for all panels as part of the new Panel Inspector.

So I think if you can wait for 2 weeks for the 7.0 beta then you will get the Export to CSV functionality without having to write any code. It’s in master already: