Transforming legend data for multiple queries

I’m struggling to find a transformation to get the data I need.

Data is in 2 different influxdb (2.x) instances. It’s time series bandwidth, uploads and downloads.

I’m running 2 queries with the ‘mixed’ datasource hitting 2 influxdb with identical flux queries. Queries are named ‘A’ and ‘B’.

I get 2 fields output, Download and Upload.

This shows up on the graph with 2 Download and 2 Upload with different lines, which is close to what I want.

I just need the labels in the legend to say ‘Downloads-SiteA’ and ‘Downloads-SiteB’ but I can’t find an appropriate transform to do this.

I’ve searched and found the ‘how to transform queries from different datasource (Mixed)’ thread but the suggestion of ‘merge’ doesn’t work as it tries to combine the two and makes for useless data with a funky line.


Hi @dandenson

I created two different InfluxDB datasources capturing temperature and windspeed data using the same fieldnames, and like you said, the legend labels are not discernable…

These 2 transformations (concatenate fields + organize fields) did the trick to separate them out:

Thank you grant2, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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