Transfer the timestamp to datetime format

How can I use the Grafana to transfer the timestamp into a datetime format like“2021/7/19”?

  1. Where do you want this format to be displayed?

  2. Which back-end data store are you using?

  3. What format are your existing timestamps in?


Thank you for your reply!
I’m sorry I didn’t describe the problem very specifically.
Now let me add some details:
First, What I used is Prometheus data-source.
Besides, for example, if I use the time-series chart, and activate the table view, I can see the time column, the results are like this:

So I want to extract the time column by using transform and aggregation, and turn it into the abscissa of a bar chart, the final results are like this:

By the way, I make this chart for showing the daily steps in a week.
In a word, I know the grafana can turn the timestamp into a date format like this:
So I want to do the same things and use it in a bar-chart.

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