Tooltip data link is not showing the right data

Hi !

Using Grafana v10.2.1

I’m graphing a time series and wanted to add a data link to the tool tip. But it looks like the ${__data.fields} and ${__value} variables are not populating the same way as the tooltip itself does.

I’m using the Data links section of the Time Series panel with variables.

Screenshot 2023-12-16 at 7.11.54 PM copy

In the screenshot, the tooltip is for the point at 2023-11-30 23:04:29 for the value 636, but the value used for variable ${__data.fields.Dataset} is 2023-11-05 02:04:05 and ${__value.text} is 98 and I’m not sure why.

I would expect it to be the same as the Tooltip’s values for both axis.

Source is a simple Postgresql query SELECT ts, COUNT(*) ... and in table view, data looks accurate. I do not use the build-in time range.

Would you happen to know what I’m doing wrong and how I could solve this?

If that happens to you, make sure your query do not ORDER BY ts DESC as the component does that for you.