Timestamp issue in Grafana logs

Hello Team,

I was adding a timestamp stage in promtail, but when it comes grafana logs ,not able to see the timestamp format which i gave in the promtail configuration. I have used RFC3339Nano format for timestamp stage in promtail.

- timestamp:
              source: time
              format: RFC3339Nano
              action_on_failure: fudge

Please suggest is there any solution or workaround

Attached the screen shot from log. Here “ts” field is from the log timestamp, same timestamp is not visible in left side column. Both i have highlighted in screen shot.

configuration used as below in promtail values.yaml file.

      - cri: {}
      - match:
          selector: '{app!=""}'
          - regex:
                expression: '.*(?P<ts>\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\dT\d\d:\d\d:\d\d.\d+Z).*'

          - timestamp:
                source: ts
                format: RFC3339Nano

          - labels:
          - static_labels:

Please let us know if any solution for this.

Do you see any errors in promtail stdout logs? Like cannot set up timestamp

i think labels: timestamp: is obsolete, because timestamp always exists