Timestamp diff metric inconsistent with DB

I created a dashboard using a calculated metric ticket.timestamp_created - ticket.timestamp_reported via StatsD. When comparing against the same metric in my psql DB, there are marked differences.

  • All time diffs are below 15m, which does not line up with what’s showing on Grafana
  • Grafana/Graphite is showing fewer than the number of data points (1 data point) compared with DB (3 data points)
  • timestamp on Grafana has a massive delay vs timestamp_created (would expect a couple seconds but looks to be ~2 mins delay)

Screenshot from 2020-05-19 18-03-29
[left] psql DB; top 3 entries correspond (probably) to Grafana graph cursor
[right] Grafana dashboard; note cursor time diff is significantly higher than DB, also note only 1 data point vs 3 data points
[bottom] Graphite query response, showing only 1 data point

For ref, this is the metric is being captured/sent via StatsD

AppEnv.stats.timing( 'dp.auto_action_transition.811_to_ticket', ticket.timestamp_created - ticket.timestamp_reported, )

Any idea what’s going on here or an alternative approach? Thanks!!!