TimeGroup Chart not displaying zeros

Hi All

Just after a little help with a dashboard/sql query.

I have the below query to generate a table showing the number of values per hour, based on a couple variables over a given time range grouped by 1hr buckets. The returned data is correct, however I need to display the true MEAN value, including the buckets with a count of zero.

SELECT $__timeGroup(TimeDate,1h,0) as time, COUNT(Step) as AGVperHour


WHERE $__timeFilter(TimeDate) AND Program <> 0 AND Program in ($Program) and Step = 892 and AGV in ($AGV)

GROUP BY $__timeGroup(TimeDate,1h,0)


As I have three set of charts showing the same time range, the average values are not comparable as the bucket count is not the same.

Can anyone offer a solution to either change the setting on the charts or adjust the query to return buckets with a count of zero?


You are tagging count as average