Time series to row in Grafana 7.1.1

Hello, everyone! I kindly ask for your help, as it looks like documentation reading doesnt help with the issue. Weve got Grafana updated (6.7.2 to 7.1.1), and some panels seems got crazy after) Espeshially ones with the table display mode. As we tried to resolve it, we got that the function “Time series to row” is no longer available, and it seems that “series to row” does not work for us, it actually changes nothing.
Table with old Grafana looked like
| Date and Time | Some ID | Value |
Now it looks like
| Date and Time | ID 1| ID 2 |ID…n|
…|null| null|Value|
We get fine result with reduce, but date/time column is required, and it’s missing after choosing this transformation.
What can you say about it? What is the possible cause, how can we get the same result for new Grafana, as with “Time series to row” func in old version? Would be grateful for any idea!

I have some info to add- the problem appears with AppInsights only, some transformations are not working for it. Data types are not changing for Azure monitor and AppInsights. I cannot choose bytes or MB, % or anything else (field unit options), it is chosen automatically. Looks like it is related to my problem.

Hi @freeflyskywind, by any chance, did you find an answer to this question ?

I am having a similar issue with InfluxDB data source

Actually, I think, no answer here is available. It looks like a bug to me.
Weve used insight analytics service instead of AppInsights, made a request. It kind of resolved the issue. But still, its a bit strange it doesn`t work after update as it used to.

Ok thanks for the answer.

We solved our problem by upgrading Grafana to the latest version