Time series of images with Dynamic image panel and windows folder as source

Hello, I’m still a bit new to using Grafana. But I’m just despairing of something that should be really easy. I want to display static images .bmp, .jpg or .png. but I can’t get it to work with either Dynamic image panel or Base64 Image/PDF panel. It only shows me the URL where the source is stored without loading it. I tried it once with an online URL and it works. But offline urls don’t work.
I’m afraid it’s just a lack of my understanding of how this URL must be structured or the permissions of Windows.
The data source is otherwise STATIC


@larzerus Base64 panel allows displaying images from any data source, including the Static Data source. The Static Data Source does not provide access to files by a path.

You can store images directly in the dashboard or any data source as explained in the documentation: Data Sources | Volkov Labs

Thanks for the feedback but I needed a simpler solution. In the future, the system must also be maintained by non-programmers. Therefore, I have now solved it with IIS for Windows via the local web server.

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