Time Series not sorted by time after Outer Join by time

I have a table from VerticaDB that contains Time, User, Value.
I want to convert it to Time Series, having a line per User.
The following query accomplishes that, then an Outer Join by Time fills null in the User series with no value in a specific time (as expected).
The problem is that the Outer Join resulting table is not sorted by time, then Graph visualization is mess up. How can I get the resulting table of Outer Join by Time to be sorted by time?
trunc(TraceTime) AS time,
UserName as metric,
count(*) as traces
WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(UserName, '{user:regex}') AND TraceType != 'NULL' AND __timeFilter(TraceTime)
group by time,UserName
order by time

Outer Join By Time is not sorted by Time:

Graph visualization: