Time of last point and coloring


i’m using Time of last point (with Grafana 4.6.0) to monitor last communication with unit feeding data. I would like to use coloring of this panel according to some tresholds (up to 15 minutes green, up to one hour orange and more then one hour, well, red). So far my experimenting with this feature didn’t revelaed me any pattern, how i should set my tresholds. So, is it possible to use coloring with “Time of last point” and if so, how should i set values of my tresholds?



According to unit test it looks like the value used for thresholds are the time of last point in epoch. So thresholds for time of last point/time from now are not supported at the moment.

You can submit a feature request issue for it over at our Github repo and/or submit a pull request for it.


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