Coloring Time "From Now" in Single Stat Panel

Hey everbody,

i´ve got some measurements from different sources and want to visualize the time between the last measurement and the present. At the Moment i am using the singlestat panel selecting the measurment and its last Date. As Unit i used “From now” and it shows (what i wanted) the days since the last measurement. For example “3 days ago” or “2 weeks ago”.

Now i would like to color the panel red in case the measurement is longer ago than 7 days. But the thresholds-option does not work with days, hours and so on… i think its calculating the decimal number of the date and references to this decimal number…

Anybody got an idea how to color the passed time in green, yellow or red ?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Anybody an idea ?
Thanks :slight_smile:


That´s what i want to display with the diagram…

Same problem here. Anyone ?

Same here. How do you color a “from now” single stat. In fact the value of the panel is a date in “epoch” format. The value in “time from now” is only calculated at display time.

Same here… Any one have solution ?

I know this is not exactly the same request, but the topic: Coloration based on date with thresholds/overrides gives an acceptable solution, while not based on the unit “from now”.