Threshold in percent and 'max' gauge from value in database

I have configured a Singlestat panel which get information on how much disk space is used on a server from an InfluxDB. However I’m wondering if it is somehow possible to set the thresholds to a percentage instead of a static number?

And also if it is possible to set the max value in a gauge as a variable?

Since the disk can be expanded I would have to manually reconfigure the panel for the new values everytime.

Is any of this possible?

I had a similar use case and the workaround that i followed is as below

  1. write 3 metrics to influxdb, quota, used_quota and used_percent
  2. create a panel based on used_percent and a collapsed graph with quota & used_quota metrics for details and trend.

Thanks, I will try that.

@patricf, I need to do the same thing and am curious where you landed with this. We’re you able to use sources from your db for the thresholds in the gauge?