The color of the chart is different from one displayed in the legend

I’ve noticed that the color of the chart “Shed humidity” (yellow / rgb(242, 204, 12) in my case) is different from one displayed in the legend (red / rgb(242, 73, 92)) when the dashboard is initially loaded. When I click on the legend (hide/show particular sequence), the legend is refreshed and yellow color is correctly shown everywhere:
The chart is a standard “Time series” visualization with MySQL datasource.

Grafana v8.4.6 running on Debian Linux x64.

Can you do an inspect on your browser and see what the color is. I am color blind and cant sort out those colors, they look the same to me :rofl:

I have added RGB colors to the top message. The issue is only with bottom chart “Shed humidity”.

I would submit this as bug. You have bionic eyes

Seems to be related to issue #46719.

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