The best/most uptodate RDS AWS CloudWatch dashboard for Grafana?

I’m looking for the best / most upto date Aurora RDS monitoring dashboard to use.

The ones hosted on Grafana seem old / poorly maintained.

I found

But the there is no prompt for my Cloudwatch data source?

What am I missing? has a few published RDS dashboards - try another one:

Well that one is two years old. :wink:

It doesn’t even monitor things like Queries.

I just expected I guess better pre-existing dashboards to be shared by folks that use and monitor AWS services (like Aurora). Grafana is especially useful since it makes it easy to monitor across several AWS accounts.

Age of the dashboard is not important, especially for stable products.

Well, you need to summarize your requirements first and then check if selected datasource fulfills all your requirements. You have mentioned queries. See CloudWatch RDS doc -
There are no queries metrics => CloudWatch datasource is not right datasource for you (unless you will build own DIY tools/scripts, which will use CloudWatch only as database for the metric).