Text Panel: Queried Markdown

I want to render Markdown with the Text Panel, which is queried from a Rest API before.

Example string:
# test heading\n\n Here is a image: ![](http://api.com/images/test.jpg)

Unfortunately, the Text Panel does not offer data sources for querying the data.

Do you have any ideas how to do that?
I already tried out the “Business Text Panel” addon without sucess.

what happened with that plugin it should work. what is your datasource? please post some sample


the datasource is Infinity plugin and yields this json:

   "content":"# Heading 1\n\nHere is a image:\n\n![image.png](https://slite.com/api/xxx/image.png)\n\n**Bold **text and _italic_ text.\n\nMore Text.\n\n## Heading 2\n",

The Business Text panel yields with code:
{{json @root.content}}