Tempo - APM Dashboard not showing

We’ve setup tempo and prometheus, span metrics and metrics generator.
Service graphs are working fine, we can see the tempo metrics in prometheus however the APM Dashboard still won’t show. Has anyone had a similar problem or can provide any hint on how to troubleshoot this issue please?
Thank you!

I believe it currently needs the feature flag tempoApmTable set.

Also make sure you are on Grafana latest and Tempo 1.5. There is some incompatibility with Tempo 1.4.1 and Grafana latest.

Yes we are on tempo 1.5, grafana 9.1.2 with this config:

enable = tempoSearch tempoBackendSearch tempoServiceGraph tempoApmTable

My mistake it was not working with grafana 9.0.7 and now with 9.1.2 it’s working (available since 9.1)!

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