Telegraf and timescaledb

I am moving away from influxdb to timescaledb. I am using telegraf and I am able to publish metrics to my postgresql’s timescaledb instance.
Does anyone have any dashboards for CPU and Memory using timescaledb?

Hi @rmorgan466,

Thanks for opening this post.

Unfortunately we do not have any Dashboard for your scenario. However I found some good links on Timescale website as how to create Dashboards using their Data source:

Also, if that does not help you, then you can check their Slack and Community forums and v.likely get a sample Dashboard.

I hope this helps.

please post DDL and DML for your table(s)?

for ex

  device_id int NOT NULL,
  timedate date NOT NULL,
  posicion float NOT NULL

INSERT INTO posts (timedate, device_id, posicion) VALUES
('2023-05-26 16:00:39.473' ,1, 54.53),
('2023-05-27 16:00:39.473' ,1000, 55.86)