Table panel with multiple series and inconsistent timestamps

I have multiple time series that have unique timestamp columns. The timestamps do not overlap, meaning series A might have an observation at 14:03:02.123 while B has one at 14:03:03.571. The series may also have differing frequencies.

I’m looking to create a table that combines multiple such series into one table, with a column for series A, B, …

This does not work by default due to the inconsistent timestamps. My hope, however, was that a Grafana Transformation could be used to “force resample” the data to a lower frequency. For example, assuming the series are observed at rates of 1 to 5 seconds, I’d like to e.g. resample all series to 10 seconds, providing me with the mean for each interval. The resulting “joined” series should then be what is displayed in the table.

I can do this to some extent in that I can take a Mean calculation while grouping over Time - but that gives me just the total Mean for the period, not a time series. So I was hoping there might be some other option?