Table panel - time series to columns- variable to detect which column clicked


I have created Table panel with option to “time series to columns” . Now I want to create link to another dashboard to show detail… but I found that there is only $__cell variable … which is not provide me all required values…

Example table:

Date         Team1   Team2   Team3
2018-12-01   14      11      15
2018-12-02   4       81      33
2018-12-03   54      1       12

When I clicked to 14 I can access date via $__cell_0 (2018-12-01), but I need to access header “Team1” (as this is the selected time serie) … but there is no variable for this…

Any ideas?


What happens if you change the _0 to a _1 ?

You just get the value 14 from the same row…

I misread your question as to what you were wanting to do. You want the Header for the column clicked on, not the value in the cell. Are you guaranteed to always have the same column headers? If so, you could use Column Styles to define rules for each “Team” and specify the URL to hard-code in the “team” names.
Not sure how to do this with dynamic column names.

Yeah, but this is the problem… for hard-coded it is OK for me… but I use dynamic column, user can select which team to report… so the table is completly dynamic…

Is it possible to request this feautre somehow???