Table - hide queries used for transformation


I’m preparing table with many columns.
Let’s say I use column A and B for transformation (calculating A/B) and I want to show only result of this transformation in table.
However I can’t use “replace all fields” because other columns (C, D, E…) will be also replaced.
And I can’t use “disable/enable query” option, because then calculation is not done.

So is there any way to solve this issue?

Good question (i witaj na forum)…

What is your datasource? Could you build your query to do the A/B calculation and then have Grafana display that new query? I have done this in Grafana as well and can show you an example, but I use Influx so my query may not make sense for your datasource.

Thank you for answering.
Yes, I am using InfluxDB, so if it’s possible to build it in one query, then I can try to do it, please show example.

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Are your using InfluxQL or Flux?

I am using influxql.

In my example below, I am calculating UCL by adding +3 to the field GNRT303DPSP (the Setpoint)…

In the next example, I am able to hide query (the Setpoint) and still display the UCL value…

Thanks for your help, I successfully fixed my dashboard.