Merge columns in table

I’m using grafana 8.5.4 on freeBSD 13.1 and I’m trying to merge 2 columns together from 2 different queries and only have the merged column show up.

I can almost do that using the transformation “Add field from calculation” but it doesn’t hide the 2 original columns and if I hide them with the transformation “Organize fields”, then the result from the new column disappear too since the data can’t reference hidden columns it seems which sounds very odd to me, not sure if that’s a bug.

I’m using the Merge and Group by transformation on 6 queries(3 for hdd smart data and 3 for ssd), using calculate last or total on each queries and displaying it in a table visualization which looks like this:

The data and base dashboard(I added the ssd queries to the existing tables and graph) comes from: GitHub - matusnovak/prometheus-smartctl: HDD S.M.A.R.T exporter for Prometheus written in Python

Anyone know how to achieve a merge in a table without having redundant data show up?


Have you tried the Organize fields transformation?

Example to remove the “Mean” column:



I did, this is what happens when I do(hid the hdd temp column):

If I hide both, then the merged column at the end disappear too.