Table column Styles changes Local Time to UTC no matter

Use the Table to display something in a database. To change a name of a time type column, I used column styles to customize it but the value is changed to UTC no matter what the timezone has been set to. The attached images probably say everything.

You can change timezone per dashboard, per user, per organization. That will come into play when rendering results in a dashboard. Doesn’t change of timezone changing the time values in columns?


Searched all the places that timezone can be set and set to local browser. Tried on both latest chrome and edge, both show the UTC. If use the Type String, then the datetime strings show local time.

But are you sure that the time returned from your query returns timestamp in UTC?

Comparing the presentation when the time column is treated as String type and when it is treated as datetime type, I am pretty sure the time coming back from the SQL inquiry is in LOCAL time. However, they are presented as UTC when treated as datetime type no matter

If local time returned, then there’s your problem. Need to be in utc.

Are you saying that the time shall be recorded as UTC into the database? Or shall I create inquiry to select the time as UTC?

Yes, preferably recorded as UTC into the database, if hard maybe you can convert it to UTC on the way out.

Got it. Will study it further. Thanks for the help. Just in case, can you help another Linux Grafana server problem I had encountered (another thread)? A little bit road block. Thanks!