Synthetic Monitoring Blocked by Cloudflare Bot Protection

We have Synthetic Monitoring checking our websites. On one of our domains we have enabled Cloudflare Bot Protection. This has caused the checks to fail until we whitelisted the IP’s for the This would have been ok if these IP’s didn’t change but they do. We can’t be the only ones having this issue. I spoke to Cloudflare and they said you can get your Bots added to the Cloudflare verified Bots by filling out the following form mentioned on the below forum.

Can I request that this is looked at and hopefully can help others out as well as us.

Many thanks

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Hi @fridayadtech, I filled out the form you linked. Hopefully we will be added to allowlist by Cloudflare.

in the meantime, you can use our published list of DNS names to get IP of our probes and allow them in your config.

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Many thanks for that.

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