Synchronizing Cursor Movement in Grafana's Time Series Panel with Custom Panel Events


I’m working with a Grafana Dashboard that includes two main components: a custom panel designed to display images according to specific timestamps, and a Time Series panel that visualizes data over time. I’ve successfully implemented functionality in my custom panel to listen to cursor movements on the Time Series panel; as I hover over different points in the Time Series panel, my custom panel updates to display images corresponding to those specific timestamps.

My objective now is to achieve the reverse interaction: as images are manually navigated through in the custom panel (using navigation buttons I’ve added to the panel), I would like the cursor on the Time Series panel to automatically move in sync with the timestamps of the displayed images. Essentially, I want the Time Series panel’s cursor to reflect the current timestamp being showcased in my custom panel, ensuring both panels are synchronized in displaying data for the same moment in time.

Is there a way to enable the Time Series panel to listen for events published by my custom panel through Grafana’s EventBus, thereby achieving this synchronized cursor movement?

@ero You should be able to send data-hover event back to the Time Series panel as we explained in the video.

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Thanks !