Sync metric selected (with same name) on all graph of a dashboard


Do you know if this is possible to sync the view of a selected metric on all graph?


  • We have a graph1 with metric1 / metric2 / metric3
  • We have a graph2 with metric4 / metric2 / metric5

The idea is to extend the “hover tooltip” to select metric. So in this example, if I select metric1, only metric 1 from graph1 will be showed (this is currently the case). If I select metric 2, the goal is to select metric2 on all graph of the dashboard.

I don’t know if this clear, doesn’t hesitate if you need more informations.

Iit seems to me that it worked in the past or I dreamed…

Thank you very much!

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Hi Anthony!
Have you read about variables already?

If I got your idea right, you want a lot of panels to show data of the same metric, right?
If this is so, have you read about the variables already? You can use them separately in each panel, etc.

Here’s the manual guide for it.

Best regards.

Hi @tiagotri,

I cannot use variables because alerts will be disabled & there too many metrics (like 100) in this case. :frowning:

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I see. In this case, I’m afraid my knowledge is too short to help you out. :disappointed_relieved:

Good luck!