Switching from whisper RRD to influxdb

Trying to understand what I am loosing when I switch to influxdb from whisper.

I have to say, it seems creating charts from the carbon/whisper RRD is dead easy.

My data records for each data series includes three pieces of data:

namespace (equivalent to mqtt topic)

When I’m creating charts I can pick a specific sensor series from selections like


There are also many numeric functions like:

Also, we have the date ranges. How do we connect the grafana based time selectors into the influxdb database? For example. selecting the data points for the last 24 hours, or the last 3 months.

Another feature of the whisper database is the ability to define the granularity of the retention; 1 second for the first day, 1 minute for a week, 1 hour for the year, and so on. How is this handled in influxdb?

Perhaps the items above are already built into the structure of influxdb?

Any tips appreciated,

use WHERE $timeFilter , grafana will add dashboard time range filter.

InfluxdB does not have anything similar, rollups are manual per series and you have to modify your query to target different retentions. If you want to store data for a long time with rollups stay with graphite it is way better than InfluxDB in some many respects.