Support for Multi-Step Workflow Load Tests

Hi, I’m testing a REST API that involves SQS/SNS communication, lots of async communications and workers passing messages based on the state of the object.

How can we use K6 to create stateful load tests? I’d like to measure latency, RTT, etc for metrics beyond the initial HTTP request/response.

Is this possible with K6?

Hi @AnilGangapersaud,
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Sorry for the late reply. At the moment, there isn’t a native way of doing it. The k6 team is working on improving this use case using the k6 Cloud; you can check the latest blog post from the team for getting an overview How to correlate performance testing and distributed tracing to proactively improve reliability.

If you don’t use k6 Cloud or you already use Tracing internally then you can integrate the available xk6 extension for enabling it. Check out GitHub - grafana/xk6-distributed-tracing: A k6 extension for distributed tracing.