Distributed tracing

Hi Team,
I am trying to trace the logs with NR. Here is the sample script.

import tracing, { Http } from 'k6/x/tracing';
import { sleep } from 'k6';

export let options = {
 vus: 1,
 duration: '10s',

export function setup() {
 console.log(`Running xk6-distributed-tracing v${tracing.version}`, tracing);

export default function() {
 const http = new Http({
   propagator: "w3c",
 const r = http.get('https://test-api.k6.io');

export function teardown(){
 // Cleanly shutdown and flush telemetry when k6 exits.

When I run the script, I am getting an error message
ERRO[0000] unknown module: k6/x/tracing

  •    at reflect.methodValueCall (native)*

I am not sure why I am unable to import this package.
I installed the latest version of K6 in my windows machine. Can you please help me?

You need to build a version of k6 with the distributed tracing extension to be able to use the k6/x/tracing module. See: