K6 traces to DataDog

Hi all,

I’m working on the integration K6 to DataDog, finding no related traces in the DataDog app dashboard. Seems like K6 sends only metrics, without traces. Could someone give me advice on how to fix these


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Hi @Dmytro, welcome to the community forum !!!

k6 currently does not support traces, yet. The underlying infrastructure for this is being finalized and likely will land in the release 2 months from now(we are making a release next week for which it wasn’t ready).

No idea what datadog requires in order to send traces to it, so I can’t tell you if and/or when it’s going to be supported. But if it uses something standard as format and protocol it likely will be.

I recommend you to open a new feature request so you can follow progress and that we can gauge community interest.

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Any updates?

Hi Dmytro,

I have a similar issue, was this via circleCI or something else? How did you get k6 data into datadog in your case?