Trend metrics on Datadog - Percentile

Hi all, I’ve been trying to integrate K6 with New Relic and Datadog by following the examples from the K6 website but the numbers I get on both services seem really off when compared to the K6 summary.
Here’s an example with Datadog:

K6 Summary:

And here’s the Metric

const createDurationTrend = new Trend('custom_req_duration');
const resp = http.get(testUrl, params);


The K6 built-in metrics also give me different numbers

What am I doing wrong? Can someone point in the right direction?

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@msc trying to work this out with DD myself.

There are so many things which can change the look or display of the output in DD. The timeframe for one has had me confused before.

I’ve moved to use the application logs as is the first port of call, then referencing the k6 metrics after. Building a custom dashboard to see both have really helped. Also, the averaging and roll-ups caught me off guard a few times.

I’ve been looking at how to get a reliable TPS widget in my dash and struggled a little.