K6 x datadog metric

Hello, I followed the example on the page to see that datadog and k6 link together to collect metrics normally.

But I don’t see any p99 or p90 metrics other than p95, what settings do I need?

I used k6 v0.49.0 version

Hello @kalinlee,

Welcome to the forum :tada:

I’m sorry, but we don’t have official support for Datadog output (see here), so you need to use the community StatsD extension. And I neither have experience with the Datadog Agent.

However, what I’d recommend you is to follow these steps:

  1. Try to identify the source of the problem:
    • Do k6 generates these metrics with the standard output?
    • If so, do the StatsD extension emits these metrics?
  2. Then, depending on the answers for these questions:
    • If you encounter any issue with k6, please report it in the main repository. We’ll be happy to investigate your issue, especially if you can bring a reproducible scenario.
    • If you encounter any issue with the StatsD extension, please report it in the extension repository.
    • Finally, if the problem is with the Datadog Agent, please reach out Datadog customer support.

Hopefully, going further with the investigation will help you figure out what the root of your missing metrics is thus ask for help to the corresponding counterpart. We’ll remain here, happy to help with any issue with k6.

Thanks! :bowing_man: