Super Admin User

Hello Team,

We have promoted Grafana to Production Environment. Unfortunately while creating multiple users for seperate teams, i unchecked the “Grafana Admin” checkbox for the default “admin” user. As a consequence, now none of the user is Super Admin.

How can i make a user Super Admin now ? I understand that a user with Super admin privilege can only make another user as Super admin. But i have deleted the default Super Admin. I have no clue on how to recover this.

Please help me to resolve this.


I am facing the same issue.

Any resolution/tips for this…I created what I thought was an ‘Admin User’, logged in, checked it. For security reasons I then removed the Admin account and boom…cannot log in as anyone. Seems a bit strange that the GUI would allow this action to happen.

Have you tried with the account you believe you deleted?

@clanlaw yea mate, first thing I tried after not being able to login with the newly created account. I then checked SQLite3 DB and sure enough admin is gone.

Anyhoo, all sorted now with a re-install. I do plan to test what just happened again on this new version to see if I can replicate.