sumSeries and graphite query


I have an issue to aggregate 2 values:

The yellow and green lines are ok, but the sumSeries of these 2 values is not correct. Do you know why there is this behavior ?

Thanks for your help


Are the green and yellow values written to graphite at the same time? Are you happen to use the display mode=connected?


Hello Marcus,

No, that the problem, they are statsd events (gauge), and I can’t control when the servers send the data to graphite.

I tried with influxdb as backend, and I have the same behaviour using continous queries.

Do you know how I can manage that ?


If you only use draw mode=points - what does the graph look like then, screenshot?


Oh right thanks. Because of this situation of writing at different intervals the only suggestion I can give is to use the summarize function and sum over X minutes where X you need to tweak according to your different write intervals.


Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the answer, I will test if I can get the right value.