SumoLogic - Parse Anchor UI Tool - Similar in Loki?

SumoLogic has a feature

parse anchor UI tool
You can use the parse anchor UI tool to highlight the message text to parse, identify parsing fields, and perform the parsing action.

Anyone familiar with this, I’ved used it with SumoLogic and would be helpful to know what an equivalant might be in Loki and/or if I should submit a feature request in Github. Thoughts?

I’ve not used Sumo Logic before, so I could be wrong. But looking at the doc it looks like both pattern and regexp filters can do this, see Log queries | Grafana Loki documentation.

But if you meant the UI that allows you to click on parts of the logs to form a query then no, I don’t believe that is a feature, and if it’s going to be it’ll most likely come from Grafana Explorer than Loki itself.

@tonyswumac Thanks for the confirmation, yes the UI part. I posted into Github Issues. Pattern Parser UI Tool · Issue #455 · grafana/explore-logs · GitHub