Summing metrics on a graph

Hi, I want to summarize the same metrics from 4 devices, metrics are polled with zabbix once a minute, I created a graph, added all 4 devices by specifying in the host /.*/ field, everyone has the same item.

but sometimes a drawdown appears on the chart and then everything is restored, how to summarize correctly?

You are doing two aggregations, averaging and summing and that looks wrong to me. You probably want to use:

groupBy(1m, sum)

There are lots of examples on the Zabbix Grafana Play site:

I previously did just sum (30s), it also apparently didn’t receive values ​​from time to time, more precisely from 4 devices it arrived at different times and the summation looked like this, 10 seconds 400 sessions, then abruptly 200, 10 seconds pass and again 400, the schedule is restored, not critical but scary)

looks like on the screen, it became sharply 167, then recovered