Sum on Increase function

I am new to this and am attempting to use a sum on an increase function, but I am not getting any data. Please advise on any solutions to make this work. Thank you!

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  1. Please tell us which version of Grafana you are using.

  2. Please tell us which back-end data store you are using.

  3. Please show us what you have tried so far and what the results are.

  4. Please give us some information about the data you are working with.



  1. I am on Grafana v7.0.4
  2. I am using Prometheus as the back-end data storage
  3. Here is what I have so far, but I want to see the top 5 for the last 7 days, not just the top 5 overall, hence the increase function.
    Here’s what it looks like when I try the increase function:
  4. The data is stored as a counter. Please let me know if there is anything else you would need. Thanks

Is there any update on this topic. I would also like to sum up over the increase(). The underlying data is the uptime of a pc.