Successfully started `grafana` but the http://localhost:3000/ is load faild

brew update
brew install grafana


brew services start grafana

==> Successfully started grafana (label: homebrew.mxcl.grafana)

but when I go to http://localhost:3000/, it doesn’t respond.

I don’t know which step I did wrong.

on what OS you install GRAFANA ?
when you go to http://localhost:3000 you use same machine where you installed GRAFANA or other ?

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I use macOS Big Sur(11.2.3)
and path is /usr/local/Cellar/grafana/grafana

do you use a virtual machine ?

hi,I use my macbook really…

It’s mandatory to install it on mac Os or you can also install it on Linux ?

maybe when I rename the grafana folder, something wrong.
i reinstall grafana, and it works working.

thanks blau9175 :slight_smile:
have a nice day