Stop executing the preceding requests, if the dependent API fails

hi Team,
How can I design a script to stop executing the preceding requests, if the dependent API fails?
Kindly help me.

Sorry, I am confused by the question, the word “preceding” specifically :confused: I think you mean “following”? If so, then you can just return from the function early or throw an error, that will prevent k6 from continuing the iteration. Something like this:

import http from 'k6/http';

export const options = {
    iterations: 5,

export default function () {
    // 30% chance to hit an URL with status code 500
    let url = '' + (Math.random() < 0.3 ? '500' : '200')
    let resp = http.get(url)
    if (resp.status != 200) {
        throw new Error(`Got unexpected status ${resp.status}`)
        // or use return, if you don't want to throw an exception
    console.log('Continuing to make another dependent request...')

You might also want to add a custom metric to track such errors, see: Metrics

Hi, Ned

Sorry for the confusion. Yes, I mean following. I will try with the above function. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Hello, Ned it worked. Thank you :grinning: