Status timeline not working with PostgresSQL and only one Query

Hello everyone!

I’m creating a dashboard in Grafana with data extracted from Google Servers and stored in a PostgresSQL Database.

In one of the visualization I would like to create a Status Timeline:

I have created a query in PostgresSQL which returns me the following table:

As my understanding goes, that is the data that is need to create a Status Timeline. (Time, count of a variable and name of the variable count).

But when I copy that query inside Grafana, the chart is not the same as I have imagined:

I don’t know what else to do or how to fix it.

Does anyone has faced this issue before or know how to solve it, in order to get a Status Timeline like the one showed above?

Thank you very much!


Check this out here and see if it provides you some guidance

you need to configure your data as time series not just table

Hi there yosiaz:

Thanks for your fast reply :). I’ll try the time series.

I see in your picture that you use two different queries (A and B ) to show the values (asia-dev and asia-hotfix).
Can it be done in just one single query ( In A ). That’s what I’m looking for.

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I was not able to do it with one query.

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Okay no worries! Thank you very much for your effort and time.

I hope someone has already faced and conquer this issue :slight_smile: