StatsD repo (and ownership) has moved to... me!

I’m equal parts excited, honored, and terrified to say I’ll be supporting the StatsD extension for Grafana/k6. There’s more to say later, but the important part is: The official repo is now located here: GitHub - LeonAdato/xk6-output-statsd: k6 extension to output real-time test metrics using StatsD..

Huge shoutout to @javaducky for his trust, insight, and most of all friendship.


where can I can some help using this? I need to trigger it via circleCI and the various documents from various timelines have my head spinning

Hi @nicholaspshaw !

Welcome to the community forums! :wave:

Could you please clarify what do you need here? For instance, if you have a specific question about the StatsD extension, it’s probably worth opening the issue there Issues · LeonAdato/xk6-output-statsd · GitHub

If the question is about running this in CircleCI, you probably need first to build k6 with this extension using xk6 and then run the test, like incorporating actions from bellow to your pipeline:

  • go install
  • xk6 build --with
  • ./k6 run -o output-statsd <script.js>