State timeline panel content appears offset compared to the timeline and tooltip

The rows appear shifted to the left compared to the timeline on the bottom of the graph. Moreover, when I hover the mouse over a row’s state, it tells me the correct starting time. I verified that the mouseover starting the is the correct one. The timeline on the bottom of the graph also appears correct. However the row contents themselves appear shifted 2 hours to the left.


I have selected my dashboard time zone to use UTC time. My local time is UTC+2. If I select the dashboard time range to use my local zone, the mouseover hover and the bottom timeline updates accordingly, but the rows still appear shifted 2 hours to the left:


The content of other types of graphs than the state timeline lines up correctly with the tooltip and panel timeline.

Is this a state timeline panel bug? I am pretty sure I did not have this in a previous version of Grafana.

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I don’t see any known issues for this. Can you share a little more about your graph configuration:

  • which version of grafana are you using?
  • which datasource do you see this issue with? do you see the same issue with another datasource or query?
  • are you able to export and share the dashboard json?

can you please follow these steps to share your raw unformatted data? That way, the community can try and mock up your problem :+1: