State Panel - differentiate rows per value change (with example)

I read the documentation State timeline | Grafana documentation and saw, that for each series there is a column. For testing I used a .csv file.

I wonder if I could also use a vacation table of employees to show up.

Initially I used a table like this - no worries - all fake data:

I understood it should be a timeline - so I used this, where timestamps mark state changes:

However - still I have the problem to split up into a new line for each name change.

The result still looks like this:

Do I really need to split into columns for each employee? Or is there a transformation to do this within Grafana?

Thanks for your insights!

I think it might require a numeric value? and the column names have to be metric value and time?

mock data

time	value	metric
2024-05-07 15:38:19.610	50.2	Adrian Trub
2024-05-07 15:39:19.610	NULL	Adrian Trub
2024-05-07 15:39:19.610	100.0	Adrian Trub
2024-05-07 15:40:19.610	200.0	Darth Vader

or use the Business Calendar plugin

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Hi there, thanks for this idea. I also worked on it.
Seems it only works with that setup of the sheet:

Now my panel looks like this:

I just need to make sure, the empty fields get another color than the “Urlaub” fields

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You are right with

I think it might require a numeric value?

Because I need thresholds for coloring the days… Did you set the colors by thresholds in your example?

I can’t find the Business Calendar plugin. Does it also give a year view with days, but without time?

yep used overrides to color them

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