Stat value in Grafana Dashboard

Hi everyone,

Grafana version: v8.0.3

I’m using stat panels for most of the dashboard. But the main issue occurs whenever the job starts running the stat value goes to zero until job completes.

Can anyone suggest me how to show the previous value while the job running also. I have applied the “GROUP BY” fill(prev) also but it didn’t get applied.

Thanks for your response in advance.

@laddu what is your data source? Can you share your full query, the output, screenshots, etc?

Hi @grant2

I’m currently using the influx db as my data source.

My query will be something like:

Select count("field_name") from measurement_name where $timeFilter Group by time($__interval) fill(previous)

Relative time : 5m
As the agent runs for every 5 mins and job completion time is almost 3 mins.