Stat panel sparkline is cut off, switch to Singlestat?

I think I’m using Grafana 10.2 but I was unable to find the version number anywhere in the frontend.

I created a Stat panel, but the sparkline is cut off at a certain height which depends on the panel width.

Here I manually reduced the maximum, so we can see the cutoff point:

image image image

Here I used the actual maximum:

image image image

I’m having several issues with this:

  • The maximum is not drawn, which would be fine if it were approximately at the top, but in the bottom right of the examples above it looks like there is plenty of memory available while in reality we’re almost at max.
  • All the space above is wasted, at least in the wider variants.
  • Instead of using the wasted space, the text is drawn over the chart so that it becomes illegible.

I found a lot of screenshots on the web that suggest that I could solve this by switching to the deprecated “Singlestat” panel. Is that still available somewhere?

I found the Singlestat plugin here, but the presentation was also not ideal. For now I have replaced it with a normal Time Series panel and I’m relying on the tooltip for checking the absolute value: