Standalone Service Status dashboards using new Grafana 8.0 status history/timeline features?


I noticed in Grafana 8.0 there’s some new features - specifically state history and state timeline. I’m still a bit confused as to the differences between them, and when you’d use one over the other.

However, has anybody considered creating a service status dashboard using these? (i.e. as an alternative to something like Catchet). How did/would you do it?

Also - what’s the best way of serving a standalone Grafana dashboard like this at say,, that doesn’t require access to the main Grafana setup?

Hi @victorhooi! Welcome back to the forum :+1:

Question 1:
Check out this public dashboard and let me know if this helps clarifies the differences between the two:

Question 2:

I think what you want is very much possible: creating a service status dashboard using these panels. Are you actively trying to implement htis in Grafana?

Question 3:
I think that embedding a dashboard inside an iframe is your best solution here:

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