Stacked Bar Chart Not Displaying When Selecting Only 1 Variable

Grafana Version: v8.3.4 (a551d74b1)

I have created a stacked bar chart that displays our automation pass and fail count and is grouped by each software build. The stacked bar chart is working as expected, but only when more than one variable (in this case ‘Build’) is selected. For example, if I select Build 1.0.0, the bar chart is blank. However, if I select Build 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 both display side by side as expected.

When I only select 1 Build and toggle the ‘Table view’ option on the dashboard, there is 1 row of table data, so I would expect there to be a bar chart. Seems like there is a bug in the logic of when the bar charts display.


Getting something similar. No graph is shown when there is only 1 row of data, even though other graphs such as bar gauges show the data. Bar graph shows when there are 2 or more rows.

Problem seems to have popped up only after upgrading Grafana to 8.3.4.