Split a field based on a separator


I have a field called trace_id and it contains values separated by a separator “.”. Is there any way to split this field into multiple fields in Grafana Elasticsearch.

What do you want to achieve to visualize? Need more information to answer and help…

I have a field that comes from an application with multiple values separated by a dot.
Example: perf.cluster1.100M.30C.UUID

I would like to split this field into multiple columns in the table as type, cluster_name, rows, columns, unique_id.

Try to use dissect in the logstash:

dissect { mapping => { "message" => "%{type}.%{cluster_name}.%{rows}.%{columns}.%{unique_id} } }

Thanks. Is there any way this splitting can be done in Grafana with panels (Table panel) using any transformation?

I don’t think so… :slight_smile: